Save the Date Keychain



Available in 3 colors

Comes in sets of 2


Rose Gold


Buy 50 or more – Save 25%

Buy 100 or more- Save 35%

Buy 200 or more- Save 45% (best value)

This keychain features a stainless-steel charm available in 3 different colors. This Calendar Keyring is engraved with the couple’s names, the calendar month and your special day marked with a heart. An engraved key chain is a wonderful and creative way to remind people to save the date.

When ordered in bulk, each keychain comes individually wrapped and prepackaged in a mailer ready envelope. All you do is add the address and postage!

“Love you” keychain not included

Due to high demand and individualization of the customized item, shipping can take up to 4-6 weeks for shipping in the United States. Please allow 4-8 weeks for all other countries.