As a cat owner you often worry about whether if you’re feeding them the right food, safe when they are home alone, or just happy in general. Feline gifts may not seem like a necessity to some (but they are not cat owners so what do they know) but they are a must have for you. If you are looking for a toy that will keep them and you entertained for hours or the perfect “catscratch” surface to keep them off your furniture, we have the purr-fect gifts for kitty right here. Your cat and your wallet will thank you.

Comfy Cat Carrier Sling Backpack


Don’t know if it is the actual kitty carrying bag or the fact that it is currently 50% that makes it so appealing.  This is the best invention ever! Weather you are taking you cat to the vet or on a daily stroll, he will be safely tucked by your side.  Your cat will be more at ease during outings and you can take them wherever you go.This is one of the greatest gifts for kitty owners.  On Sale! 50% off No code needed!

Cat Security Hoodie

Dogs get all the credit, but cats are always on patrol. From the pest they keep away daily to alerting us when a not so familiar engine pulls up. The cozy light weight hoodie keeps your kitten comfortable and stylish.

Litter Cat Mat

Talk about a magic carpet ride! This splendid mat catches and traps the kitty litter.  All you do is pickup the mat and dump the litter directly in the trash. Makes cleaning a cinch and helps to keep your floors looking great. This time saver tool is also a great catscratch surface for your feline friend. 

Personalized Decorative Cat Collar

Cats need collars but who says they have to be boring. Not only are these collars unique and carefully crafted, they are customized too!  No need for an additional name tag because the name goes directly on the collar. Add your kitten’s name and phone number to any one of the stylish collars free of charge. Click here and enter code  SAVE4U10  to save 10% at checkout!

Cat LED Mouse Laser

Forget the expensive cat toys! It’s the simple toys that keeps kittens entertained for hours. This LED laser light produces a mouse figure that cats can’t resist chasing. Get this, it’s less than $10. Cha Ching!