For the past five years, Olive Garden has brought us the Never Ending Pasta Pass, and 2019 is no exception. For a glorious nine weeks, September 23, 2019- November 24, 2019, you can enjoy all the pasta you can eat in one setting. This is perfect for Halloween! If there is any holiday that you and the family need to carb load, Halloween is it. Partying or Trick O Treating, energy will be required.

 But this year, it gets even better. Olive Garden is gracing 50 pasta lovers with the opportunity to get the Lifetime Pasta Pass.  Yup! A pass to eat Never Ending Pasta and breadsticks at Olive Garden for as long as you shall live. Or at least until they go out of business, and that does not appear to be happening anytime soon.

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The Never Ending Pasta Pass is available for $100 and can be purchased at If you are one of the first 50 people to buy a pass, you will receive an official email from Olive Garden, giving you 48 hours to submit an additional payment of $400 to secure the Lifetime Pasta Pass. Please make sure the email is from Olive Garden, and not some scammer taking you for $400.

To increases your chances  of getting the Lifetime Pasta Pass,  go to and join the waiting room on 08/15/2019 at 1:55pm ET. For more details visit,

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